Selecting Right Fund Accounting Crucial for Community Healthcare Organizations

In reviewing a profile of Crider Health Center it really hit home what an important decision selecting the right fund accounting software is.  The complexities of holding FQHC status, where strict compliance with multi-level regulations is a must, could cripple an organization that didn’t have the right accounting system.

But in addition to meeting the reporting demands of state, federal and agency funding, Crider was able to add further efficiencies and cost savings just by being able to have greater control over reporting.  Prior to implementing Sage MIP Fund Accounting, they were paying an outside auditor thousands of dollars per report.  Now they’re doing it themselves – with speedier turnaround.

We love seeing these kinds of positive results with our clients.  And we love hearing feedback like this:

“In a very short period of time, we started providing dental, primary care and pediatric services, acquired a new medical practice, and began building another facility.  I don’t see how we could have done this without JMT Consulting Group and Sage MIP Fund Accounting.”  Beth Smith, Vice President of Finance and Facilities, Crider Health Center.


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