Community Healthcare Centers: A Specific Look at How Sage MIP Fund Accounting Can Work for CHCs

Sage MIP Fund Accounting is a powerful option for Community Healthcare Centers that need to report to multiple funders: Federal, State, Private Foundation and other sources.  Join us on December 7 for a brief on how Sage MIP Fund Accounting could serve your Community Healthcare organization address the complex reporting required for all stakeholders.

We’ll discuss how:

Sage MIP Fund Accounting & JMT Consulting Group helps Health Centers by:

  • Offering compliant cross-fiscal-year, multi-dimensional reports for various funding sources, including complex federal grants;
  • Integrating seamlessly with your existing Clinic, EMR and personnel information systems to streamline information management;
  • Simple creation of cost reports for Medicaid & Medicare and other funding sources;
  • Green up the audit process with its paperless capabilities;
  • Reducing or eliminating manual spreadsheet reporting and reducing human errors;
  • Creating customized budgets for your grants, programs and cost centers.

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