Consider These 5 Resolutions for your Nonprofit

© Tom Wang -

  1. Abandoning the manual for the strategic – If you are spending the lion share of your time manually sifting through information for reporting and decision making, consider making 2011 the year to automate.  Better reporting makes for better decision making.  Better decision making results in better stewardship of time and money.  Better stewardship of time and money results in helping more people and fulfilling your mission.  In the long run, an investment in the right technology will easily pay for itself for years to come.
  2. Educating your team for greater effectiveness – Whether it be on technology, systems you currently have in place, or other professional skills, resolve to make your team better.  The better they can use the systems, the better those systems will serve to enhance the organization.  Many online courses and training are available and offer the convenience of at-your-desk learning – minimizing cost and time out of the office.
  3. Get the publicity you deserve – You’re doing great work.  You’re changing people’s lives.  You’re enriching our communities.  Be sure to share those stories and put your mission in the spotlight.  Connect with your local media outlets through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Share your success stories through your website, blog or on YouTube.  Social media is a great way to promote your events and communicate to volunteers.
  4. Celebrate the victories – Celebration is good for the soul.  As mentioned above, you are doing great and needed work for our communities.  Take the time to celebrate your victories from time to time.  This might take the form of an “all hands” pizza lunch in the conference room with a recap of the challenge and the organization’s success and mention of how everyone on the team contributed.  Or, it might take the form of a handwritten note to someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  As leaders, recognizing the team and showing appreciation, is something we should be proactively looking to do.
  5. Be good to yourself – You may not admit this, but your energy and enthusiasm is a crucial ingredient for the organization’s success.  Take care of yourself:  tend to your health, give yourself the gift of personal development opportunities, and acknowledge when you’ve done a good job and take a moment to feel good about that.  The world needs you!

We hope that you make some or all of these resolutions – and if you are feeling even more ambitious here are some other suggestions you might enjoy:  Trends, Resolutions & Predictions at the Nonprofit Big Carnival.


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