RestEasy Expense – So Good We Use It Ourselves

Last year at INNOVATE, RestEasy Expense was a new product that we featured in our keynote.  There was a lot of excitement among the attendees regarding the product.  We were excited as well.  In fact, we’re using RestEasy Expense at JMT to process expense reports.

It lives up to its name, incredibly easy to use, cloud-based, and requires only an internet connection.  Receipts can be captured using a phone camera or scanned, and then uploaded and connected to the expense form – much like you would attach a file to an email.

You can set up RestEasy Expense to comply with your organization’s policies.  And, it’s fully integrated with Sage MIP Fund Accounting which will allow you to code your expenses using your segment structure and codes with the need to recreate them in a separate system.

Those who have complete expense reports will find it a much easier and faster process.  Those who approve expense reports are alerted via email that there are reports awaiting their approval.

On the reporting side, you can view reports by individual, department, fund and more.  If you are interested in learning more about RestEasy you can ask you CAM, attending an upcoming webcast on February 16, call 877-476-8806 or email




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