Expense Management Seminar – NYC March 30

We’re going into the City to host a seminar on Expense Management highlighting RestEasy Expense.  We use RestEasy Expense internally for expense report reimbursement – it’s web-based and very easy to use.

If you are on a trip, you can take a photo of your receipts with a smart phone save it to your expense report (just like attaching a word doc or spreadsheet to an email), fill out a few lines of expense description, click on the correct expense type from a drop down menu and click a button to send it off.  Having spent years doing expense reports manually – printing out online receipts, taping paper receipts to a piece of paper, filling out a spreadsheet template, looking up GL codes – believe me RestEasy Expense is simply wonderful to use.

Expense reimbursement is where a lot of organizations lose time and money.  Automating the function can save a tremendous amount of time and money for your nonprofit.

RestEasy Expense Seminar

  • When:  Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  • Time:  9:45 – 11:30am (a light breakfast will be served)
  • Where:  Support Center for Nonprofit Management, 305 Seventh Ave., 11th Floor Conference Room
  • Cost:  Free

If you’re interested in attending, please let one of our Customer Account Reps know – either email at cam@jmtconsulting.com or call (888) 368-2463.

p.s. RestEasy is new to Twitter so give them a follow @RestEasyExpMgt and if you’re not follow JMT on twitter, please do: @jmtconsulting


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