Maximize Your Funding: Increase Your Organization’s Financial Health with Sage Grant Management

Due to popular demand we’ve added an additional session on April 14!

Ditch the spreadsheets and move into a streamlined, collaborative, and secure solution while providing transparency and seamless reporting with Sage Grant Management.

If you are the Finance Director, Grant Manager, Executive Director or Program Manager – don’t miss another grant opportunity due to antiquated systems.

Why Sage Grant Management?

  • Strengthen your organization’s financial health by increasing grant funding and proactively managing the grants in process
  • Easily keep track of all projects, programs, grants and contacts through an integrated relationship-based system, eliminating the errors and inefficiencies of disparate manual systems and spreadsheets
  • Collaborate with other associates to build better grant applications, keep track of deadlines, create budgets and better manage the grant pipeline
  • Track success measures in a sustainable and credible way so that funders see your true impact, which will also help to maximize your organization’s funding potential

Please join us for this exciting and complimentary webcast that we’ll present on:

April 14, 2011 from 3:00 – 4:00e – registration information here.


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