Budget Planning Looming? There Is Relief!

Ever wish you could cut through the grunt work, number-crunching and duplicate files that come with every budget cycle?

You are not alone.

With Sage Active Planner time wasted on reconciling numbers on spreadsheets can be eliminated giving you time for the more important strategic analysis of the data.

As you are closing in on the end of the budget process, are you and your team frustrated by the constant deluge of multiple versions of spreadsheet workbooks?  Save your sanity and avoid crashing email!

Please join us April 12 3:00 – 4:00e for a webcast on Sage Active Planner.  The event is free and online.  You may register here.

“Sage Active Planner is well-suited to the iterative nature of a nonprofit’s planning process.  By eliminating IT involvement and extensive user training, we’ve reduced our annual budget cycle by almost a month.”

Sage Active Planner will transform your budget nightmare into a truly collaborative budgeting and planning process.  With shorter planning cycles and time to focus on continuous performance improvement, you’ll help your organization realize its strategic goals.  For more information click here.


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